Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Vintage Modern" + Craftcation!

Last Sunday I had the chance to head over to the Long Beach Antique Market and I wanted to share with you one of my finds! I like to look for sewing and quilting related things. I can't resist an old sewing basket, I always have to stop and look inside. Yesterday I was inspired to look at old quilts and quilt tops in hopes to find something "vintage modern". What I chose was this Pinapple quilt, a variation of a log cabin, in pink and white.

 A few things about this that I Love: I love the improvised mixing of light and dark pinks, not with the plan to make a secondary design, but very much a make-do "I ran out of light pink and the quilt wasnt big enough and this was the only other pink I had".

I also love that although the piecing is very precise, the edges of the quilt aren't square, it was bound with all its soft curves and wonkiness.

Also, this quilt was very densely hand quilted in a grid of beautiful straight lines - it's quite impressive. The stitches are so tiny and precise!

In other news, I'm heading up north this weekend to Ventura to attend Craftcation, an conference for makers that promises to be very inspiring and educational. I am originally from Ventura so this trip will also be time spent with family.

Craftcation Conference - Craft Convention and Small Business Conference

If you are interested in learning a bit from the conference as well, they are streaming a workshop
with: KARI CHAPIN: author of the handmade marketplace
KAYTE TERRY: author of applique your way
LISA TAUBER: editor at chronicle books
MELANIE FALICK: author of five knitting books & publisher at stc craft
access to our livestream workshop and more is available on Craftcation's homepage 


  1. Oh my gosh, I looooove this quilt!!! What an awesome find!