Friday, February 1, 2013

Who's going to QuiltCon?

It's now just weeks away my friends! In less than 3 weeks I'll be in Austin, TX for QuiltCon! I'm super excited to meet so many blog friends in person. The MQG kicked off a linky party/blog hop to help us mingle beforehand and get to know each other.

So here are 5 things to know about me:

1. I belong to two modern quilt guilds - both Los Angeles and Orange County chapters. I live right in between the meeting places of the two guilds and it takes me about the same amount of time to get to the meetings for each. It has been so fun to be involved the past two years and see each guild grow. My favorite thing has been making new friends and learning from these talented members!

LAMQG retreat, Feb 2012

2. I may be a 'modern' sewer but I love vintage machines! It started when I inherited my grandmother's sewing machine, a slant needle Singer 401A -widely regarded as one of the best machines Singer ever made! That lead to me looking for attachments at garage sales and flea markets and taking in other machines. I have been reading more blog posts lately about quilters who have spent $$$ on new, top-of-the-line computerized machines lately, only to be disappointed for one reason or another. What I love about my vintage machines is that they are easy to maintain and consistent workhorses.

Grandma's 401A

Singer "Rocketeer" - currrently living with a friend
Teaching a class with my two Singer featherweights!
3. I'll have a travel partner with me at QuiltCon! While I'm leaving my husband and 3 year old son at home, I'm bringing my 6 month old daughter! My mom lives in Houston, TX and will meet me in Austin to have some quality time with her grandaughter while I take workshops. But don't be surprised if you see this cute baby on the show floor, the lecture hall or the vendor expo. Be sure to say hi!

 4. I'm a foodie! My favorite things to do when I travel is eat at great restaurants! I'm looking forward to seeing what Austin has to offer. What do I love? Coffehouses where beans are roasted fresh and the baristas can pour a pretty latte, restaurants where food comes from local farms and the menu changes according to whatever is in season, bars that feature local wineries and microbreweries. Anyone else want to partner up and come eat with me? I'd love to plan some dinners out for Wed-Sun nights!

5. I'm working on a special project for QuiltCon! I was thinking about all the people I will have the chance to meet in person and how nice it would be to commemorate the experience of QuiltCon with a quilt. I've pulled some fabric insipred by the QuiltCon colors and also have some Kona white. Here's where you guys come in: I'll pack and have with me at QuiltCon these markers, also in QuiltCon colors, and a bunch of white squares cut. If we cross paths, will you do me the honor to sign one of my  blocks?

Now for the rest of the blog hop, here is your chance to meet some of the other QuiltCon attendees! If you're going to QuiltCon, feel free to add your link and remember to tell us 5 things about yourself.



  1. Love your special project idea! Wish i could be there.

  2. I'll be there! I'll have to get my blog post done. Hope to see you there. Your little girl is adorable.

  3. Vanessa! You are awesome, and if we meet up at QuiltCon let's talk vintage sewing machines - I've got a few myself!